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Push buttons of the brain

Teachers should always look for ways to inspire young minds and push the right buttons to ignite young learners.

here is an elaborate idea from slide share....

with 100 slides take your time..
Pushing Buttons & Pulling Triggers: Using Psychology to Connect with People and Create Value from Kelsey Ruger

Good Bye Comrade

Com. Veeraiah, 
Canara Bank 

There are few fathers who move with their sons as friends. Mr. Veeriah is one among them. 

I still remember the day when Bala took me to his home and got me introduced him. Mom and Dad were sitting in the entrance of their home and greeted me warmly and enrolled me into their family!

He never compromised himself from giving us the best. He gave his best to his sons. Singmuthu, Nagaraj, and Bala.

Until his last breath he was a staunch communist, silently performing his party work, staying very loyal to his party and communist ideals.

He breathed his last yesterday (5/10/12). He was blessed with five grand children two of them are in Delhi, Two of them in Pudukkottai and one in the US.

I don't think he is gone. He will be always there when I need him for he has given us the courage to face the trials of life and beat them with a smile.For this kind of inspiration and hope I owe my life to him.

I have always noticed that people in communist par…

Great Mind at work!

Guess who worked here!

He has got a Nobel.

for photoelectric effect.

Temples of Knowledge

To read a book for the first time is to make an acquaintance with a new friend; to read it for a second time is to meet an old one.
— Anonymous, Chinese saying

Hear is Gaisel Library, University of Santiago

Have a look at the largest library of Ireland. The Trinity College Library.

The amazing library of Seattle
Seattle Central Library.

Gandhi Jyanthi

In this auspicious day lets pray that our nation turns a new leaf.

Google's Project Glass

Cool tech from Google. Google Project Glass. Check out the pics

Cool tech from Google. Google Project Glass. Check out the pics.